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Once your case is resolved, depending on the outcome, it is possible that one of the conditions imposed by the Court will be DUI probation. In Hillsborough County, misdemeanor probation is operated by the Salvation Army. After appearing in Court, you will be required to visit with a probation officer located in the courtroom and then, ususally within 48 hours from the time your case is resolved, you will be required to go to the main office nearest the court house. (Keep in mind that the requirement that you personally appear to probation DO NOT apply if you live out of Hillsborough County or out of state. In out of county/state cases, we will provide the probation officer with all of your necessary information negating the requirement that you personally appear.

For cases resolved in downtown Tampa, the Salvation Army building is located 1603 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL, which is approximately 10 blocks North of the courthouse. For cases resolved in Plant City, the probation office is located at 802 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Plant City, FL.

At your first appointment, you will be assigned a probation officer. You will meet with your probation officer for approximately one hour discussing the terms of your probation, such as what fines and court costs you have to pay, your completion of DUI school, where to complete your community service hours, etc. Once your case is resolved in the criminal court,EVERYTHING you do will be through your probation officer – you will not need to return to the courthouse for any reason.

Over the course of your probation, you will be in the process of completing the terms. After your first appointment, the follow up appointments are a much quicker visit, to the extent the probation officer wants to ensure that you are completing the community service hours, completing DUI school and paying your fines. In some cases, if you complete your terms earlier than the expiration of your probation, we can file a motion to the court requesting that your probation be terminated. For example, if the Judge sentenced you to 12 months of probation, but you satisfactorily complete all the terms in 5 months, we can petition the court to early terminate your probation.

It is very important to not violate the terms of your probation. Consequences of a violation of DUI probation are taken very seriously by all the judges in Hillsborough County. Typically, if you have violated your probation, the Judge will require that you turn yourself into the jail pending a hearing on the violation.


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