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DUI Lawyers and Attorneys In Hillsborough County

Some DUI sentences may involve a certain period of time in which jail time may be required. Obviously, any jail time would seriously affect our clients ability to continue to work and maintain their livelihood. As a result, we fiercely negotiate with the state attorney’s office to get an offer that provides for an alternative to jail.

House arrest is one of the alternatives to incarceration. Sometimes referred to as ‘extended terms of confinement,’ house arrest is a situation in which the offender can serve the jail sentence without having to be physically in jail and continue to work.

When the case is resolved, the Judge will typically sentence the defendant to jail, but allow for several days for the defendant to apply for house arrest. The application process is done through the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at the Work Release Center, located across the street from the Orient Road Jail. Sheriff personnel will determine if the defendant is eligible for house arrest with the primary factor being that the defendant has a ‘land line’ at their home. A ‘land line’ allows for the House Arrest Deputy to contact the defendant at their home to make sure they are not violating their terms of confinement.

A person on House arrest is required to remain in their homes during non-working hours. They must also wear an electronic ankle monitor to track their location. The House Arrest Deputy also has the ability to make random house calls to make certain the defendant is complying with the terms of the program.

The benefit of the House Arrest Program is obvious – the opportunity for a defendant to serve the required jail time while maintaining their job and their livelihood.

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