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In Tampa, Florida, there are several law enforcement agencies who make arrests for DUI. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department services the ‘unicorporated’ areas of Hillsborough County. Within Hillsborough County are several police departments who are also required, and have the authority, to make DUI arrests. They include:

  • Tampa Police Department
  • Temple Terrace Police Department
  • University of Florida Police Department
  • Plant City Police Department

Other agencies, such as the Florida Highway Patrol, also have jurisdiction to make DUI arrests in Hillsborough County and in Tampa, Florida.

Each agency is different regarding the manner in which a person is arrested, whether or not there is video surveillance and how a police report is generated. Contact our Tampa DUI lawyers/attorneys to discuss who you were arrested by to determine the nuances and problems that may apply to your case.

Arrested for a Tampa, Florida DUI? Contact our law offices immediately.

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