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Tampa Jails Following a DUI Arrest

Hillsborough County DUI Lawyers and Attorneys

The Hillsborough County Sherrif’s Department operated two jails in Tampa the Orient Road Jail and the Falkenburg Road Jail. If you were arrested in Tampa, Florida for DUI, you were most likely transported to Orient Road Jail.

The Orient Road Jail is located at 1201 Orient Road, Tampa, Florida, 33619. The Orient Road jail processes all individuals arrested throughout Hillsborough County. Total capacity for the jail is listed as 1711 inmates. DUI arrests are brought to ORient Road jail because the companion facility in Hillsborough County, Falkenburg Road jail is a dorminatory style housing unit, typically reserved for inamtes who are incacerated for a lengthier period of DUI than DUI arrests.

Central Breath Testing

Located within the Orient Road Jail is a Central Breath Testing room. After being arrested for DUI in Tampa, the arrested was presumably asked to provide a breath sample. Upon entrance into the Orient Road Jail and after a short booking process, the arrested is brought to Central Breath Testing and observed for a period of 20 minutes. After providing a breath sample (or refusing) the individual is photgraphed and processed into the jail as an inmate.

Minimum Stay in Jail

After a Tampa DUI arrest, the person will remain in the Orient Road Jail for a minimum of 8 hours. Even if the person provided a breath sample under the legal limit, the Jail is still required to hold the person for a period of 8 hours.

Posting Bond and Being Released

To be released from the Orient Road Jail, the person arrested for DUI must post a bond, which is typically $500.00. Bonds can be posted either through a bondsmen of payment of cash. If cash is paid to be released from jail, that money will be used at a later time to pay for fines/court costs in the criminal case.

CONTACT A TAMPA DUI LAWYER now to discuss the procedure your underwent in jail. We, as your Tampa DUI lawyer, are determined to acquire ALL evidence in your case, especially the video surveillance taken of you within the Orient Road Jail. Obtaining the video can be the difference between a DUI conviction and a dismissal. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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