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Multiple Florida DUI Arrests

Tampa DUI Attorney – Tampa DUI Lawyer

It is a major problem when someone gets arrested for their first DUI, but a second, third or even fourth arrest raises the consequences you will face in a Tampa courtroom. In terms of a second offense DUI, if it occurs within a five year time frame from the first DUI conviction the court will look to impose sanctions including 10 days in jail, an ignition interlock device for your vehicle and certainly higher fines. Aside from that the administrative impact is much bigger as well. The DMV is going to look to suspend your license for a significant amount of time, which could have serious repercussions on your livelihood.

A third offense DUI will be a felony charge in Hillsborough County. A felony DUI will have a severe impact on your life. Depending on the judge, a felony DUI in Hillsborough County could mean in excess of 120 days in a county jail. There are cases where we have been able to negotiate and keep our clients out of jail all together on a felony DUI.

If you have prior DUI convictions, a multiple DUI is not a situation where you want to go in front of a judge, plead guilty and hope for the best. This is not the type of situation where you want to risk your freedom and livelihood without the help of an experienced DUI attorney who works in Tampa. This is a serious case and if you call us we will get to work on determining if the police officer did everything correctly and see if there is a chance to beat this case all together. We may be able to keep you from being convicted of the second or third or fourth DUI. Call us to talk about your case.

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