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Woman Arrested for DUI and Child Abuse in Tampa

Shortly after 11 PM, a 26 year old woman was arrested today for DUI after going the wrong way on Florida Avenue.  When officers approached Christy Hinz’s vehicle, they noticed not only signs of impairment, but also a 3 year old boy in the backseat.

During field sobriety tests, she exhibited signs of impairment and later refused to provide a breath sample.  This is not Ms. Hinz’s first run-in with the police – she has been arrested on two prior occasions.  On each arrest, Ms. Hinz has refused to provide a breath sample.

“Refusing a breath sample on more than one occasion can have a significant impact on her driving privileges,” Tampa DUI defense attorney Stephen Higgins said.  “On a second refusal, if the administrative suspension of her license is upheld, she will be without the ability to drive for a period of 18 months – and that has nothing to do with a third conviction for DUI in the criminal court. “  Mr. Higgins went on to say that although refusing the breath test can be beneficial in terms of defending the criminal charge, it can be detrimental when dealing with the DMV.

If you have been charged with DUI or refused the breath test , contact Stephen Higgins at 813-649-8690 or, with offices at 3426 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609.

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