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Recent Posts in DUI probation Category

January 24, 2013

What Is A Victim Impact Panel in Tampa?

You recently got a list of fines and other punishments following a Tampa DUI conviction and one may standout to you among the more traditional punishments—mandatory attendance of a vVctim Impact Panel. A Victim Impact Panel is essentially an interactive course aimed at teaching drivers the realities of drunk driving; with the ultimate goal of changing the negative driving behaviors. The course not only goes over how to avoid drunk driving instances and general facts, but also has a panel of victims of drunk driving speak about their experiences. From children who have lost their parents to drunk drivers that have been on trial for vehicular manslaughter, many people find the Victim Impact Panel to be an incredibly emotional and educational experience.…

July 21, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Tampa Woman Violates Her DUI Probation, Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

This Tampa woman was sent to jail for DUI manslaughter and served less than a year. She was arrested again on DUI charges in Pinellas County.
June 22, 2010

Tampa DUI News– Woman Who Served A Year For DUI Manslaughter Arrested For Second DUI

After receiving one year in jail for a DUI accident that took the life of a 15-year-old girl, this Tampa woman has been arrested on a second DUI charge. She was sentenced as a youthful offender the first time but if convicted of a second DUI her DUI sentence will be much more severe.
April 21, 2010

DUI Sentence For First Time Tampa Drunk Driver Used To Set An Example

A Tampa judge tried to set an example as he sentenced Elizabeth Borgos to jail following her first DUI conviction. The drunk driving charges that Borgos faced rarely land you in jail in Florida but the Hillsborough County judge overseeing her sentencing put Borgos in jail for 10 days. He also suspended her license for 12 months and put her on probation for a 18-months.

According to deputies who are involved with DUI enforcement in Tampa on a daily basis, the sentence is rare but so are the circumstances. Borgos hit a sheriff’s deputy cruiser while driving drunk. A matter of seconds was all that prevented the car accident from possibly turning into a DUI manslaughter case involving a dead law enforcement officer.…

March 11, 2010

Tampa Mom Pleads No Contest To DUI Charge That Led To Probation Violation

A Tampa woman pled no contest to DUI charges that led to a probation violation for not sending her daughter to school. Charlotte Fair was sentenced to 12 months of DUI probation that will run concurrently with the probation she is serving for not ensuring her daughter was going to school. She was also sentenced to 50 hours of community service, a six-month license suspension and a $500 fine.

The Hillsborough County judge hearing the case did not require Fair to seek counseling but she did say Fair could use any hours spent in counseling towards her community service requirement.…

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