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Client Receives Reduced Charge of Reckless Driving After Being Charged with DUI

2012 CT 007372 NC – Sarasota County – December 2012
Charge: DUI
Result: Reduced to Reckless Driving and Withhold of Adjudication

Defendant was stopped by Florida Highway Patrol because tag light was out. Trooper noted signs of intoxication and requested driver perform field sobriety tests, on which he believed she did poorly. Driver was arrested and refused a breath test at the jail. Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo’s independent investigation of the stop uncovered legal issues and improperly followed procedures, so she filed a motion with the court to suppress the evidence in the case. Upon receipt of the motion, the State Attorney’s office agreed to reduce the DUI charge to reckless driving, withholding adjudication so that the client may expunge her record.

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