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September 30, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Tampa Bay Business Finds Loophole In Florida DUI Laws With DUI Scooter

A scooter store in Tampa Bay is making news with its DUI scooter. The scooter is legal to ride without a license allowing convicted DUI drivers an option for transportation in Florida.
February 1, 2010

Hudson, Florida Man Punches A Cop And Assaults A Nurse Following A DUI Arrest

It was bad enough that Jeffery T. Frazier rammed a parked car and drove into a few mailboxes while allegedly driving drunk but the mechanic had to go and make things worse for himself. According to a story on Frazier punched a Florida Highway Trooper and pushed a nurse into a supply cart. He has been charged with DUI and battery charges.

Frazier resides in Tarpon Springs and when he was approached by troopers following his erratic driving pattern, he allegedly was so impaired that he continually fell over. He was taken to the hospital and medically cleared. After that he pushed a registered nurse and then punched a trooper in the face.…

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