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Recent Posts in DUI Penalties Category

January 24, 2013

What Is A Victim Impact Panel in Tampa?

You recently got a list of fines and other punishments following a Tampa DUI conviction and one may standout to you among the more traditional punishments—mandatory attendance of a vVctim Impact Panel. A Victim Impact Panel is essentially an interactive course aimed at teaching drivers the realities of drunk driving; with the ultimate goal of changing the negative driving behaviors. The course not only goes over how to avoid drunk driving instances and general facts, but also has a panel of victims of drunk driving speak about their experiences. From children who have lost their parents to drunk drivers that have been on trial for vehicular manslaughter, many people find the Victim Impact Panel to be an incredibly emotional and educational experience.…

December 14, 2012

Hillsborough County Penalties for First DUI Conviction

According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 3,256 DUI convictions in Hillsborough County in 2010. With numbers like that there is one conclusion that you should draw from it—Hillsborough County police take driving under the influence incidents very seriously. Local police are some of the strictest in the state when it comes to locating drunk drivers. In Hillsborough County, police typically perform a breath or chemical (blood) test to determine if the individuals’ blood alcohol content is over the legal limit of .08. Although neither of these tests are fool proof, they are very persuasive evidence against the driver in court.…

November 28, 2012

Immediate and Secondary Tampa DUI Penalties

Drinking and driving are two activities that should be enjoyed independent of each other. Always. A Blood alcohol content level of .08 or above for adult drivers is determined by a blood or alcohol test in Tampa; and although these chemical tests are not always accurate, they are an incredibly valuable piece of evidence to help the prosecution on their way to a DUI conviction.

The DUI process is a terrifying experience for many people. From getting pulled over, to field sobriety tests to the arrest and booking, the real stress comes if there is a Tampa DUI conviction. Florida is considered one of the toughest states in the nation when it comes to penalties for a DUI conviction.…

November 16, 2012

A Look At Alternatives To Jail In Tampa: House Arrest

Sure the fines associated with a DUI are a gigantic financial inconvenience. Perhaps to some people much more than that. But the one thing that so many people worry about during their DUI trial has to do with the potential 

for jail time. Not only is jail an unsavory place but mandatory jail time means that you cannot work and miss out on important pay days to make back the money you spent on the fines. When it comes to driving under the

influence in Tampa, police and prosecutors often try to inflict the harshest punishment possible, which of course includes jail time.

November 2, 2012

Can You Refuse A Breath Test In Tampa, Florida?

Driving with a BAC of .08 or above in Florida is a very bad idea. The police in Tampa are always on the lookout for drunk drivers and do not look kindly on those drivers that do not cooperate with the system. But a .08 BAC is not a number police can arrive at without the help of chemical testing. To determine with such specificity if a driver is over the legal limit in Tampa, police will often request that the driver take a breath test. The breath test measures a driver’s blood alcohol level by determining the amount of ethanol (a key ingredient in alcohol) in his or her breath.…

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