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Recent Posts in DUI Manslaughter Category

January 18, 2012

Driver Convicted of DUI Manslaughter Sues Victim

In a rather odd factual scenario, a driver convicted of DUI manslaughter in Tampa FL is suing the victim, claiming the victim has caused him pain and suffering.  On Christmas Eve 2007, David Belniak was traveling 70-90 MPH when he rear ended a vehicle operated by the victim, Ray McWilliams.  Rather than go to trial, Belniak agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced to 12 years in Florida State Prison where he resides today.  In a recent court filing, Belniak served the estate of McWilliams with a civil suit trying to recoup money, apparently for pain and suffering and other medical bills.…

November 5, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Jury Finds Man Guilty Of Lesser Charge Following Tampa DUI Manslaughter Trial

This Tampa man was facing DUI manslaughter charges in a Hillsborough County courtroom. He was convicted of a lesser charge of DUI.
October 7, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Tampa DUI Lawyer Tells Plea Expected In Fatal DUI Crashes

This Tampa man is likely going to enter a plea to his Tampa DUI charges. The Hillsborough County judge in his case wants to make sure the DUI penalties fit the crime.
September 8, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Eight Months After Deadly DUI Car Crash Riverview Man Charged DUI Manslaughter

Eight months after a deadly crash, a Tampa man has been arrested on DUI charges. The Riverview resident was charged with DUI manslaughter for driving drunk the night of the accident.
August 31, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Man Given A Life Sentence For A Tampa DUI Fatality Argues For New DUI Penalty

A Tampa man is asking for a new DUI sentence. He received a DUI penalty of life in prison in a Tampa court room in 2003.
August 18, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Father Of Young Girl Nearly Killed By In A Drunk Driving Accident Arrested For Second DUI

Tampa DUI Attorney

The father of a young Tampa girl who nearly lost her life in a drunk driving accident has been arrest for a second DUI, this time in Texas. Summer Moll was nearly killed in a head-on accident with a drunk driver that took the life of her mother. Apparently that wasn’t enough of a lesson for her estranged father who was arrested in Tampa for DUI and now has been arrested in Texas for a DWI.

According to investigators and reported by My Fox Tampa Bay, Josh Moll was charged with DUI in Tampa but jumped bail and ended up in Texas.…

August 10, 2010

Tampa DUI News – DUI Manslaughter Charges Filed Versus MacDIll Marine Captain Following Car Crash

Three months after a head-on collision on I-275 a Marine Captain has been arrested. The 37-year-old stationed at MacDill was charged with DUI manslaughter.
July 21, 2010

Tampa DUI News – Tampa Woman Violates Her DUI Probation, Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

This Tampa woman was sent to jail for DUI manslaughter and served less than a year. She was arrested again on DUI charges in Pinellas County.
June 22, 2010

Tampa DUI News– Woman Who Served A Year For DUI Manslaughter Arrested For Second DUI

After receiving one year in jail for a DUI accident that took the life of a 15-year-old girl, this Tampa woman has been arrested on a second DUI charge. She was sentenced as a youthful offender the first time but if convicted of a second DUI her DUI sentence will be much more severe.
May 19, 2010

Tampa DUI Penalties – Hillsborough Man Sentenced To Five Years In Prison Following Fatal DUI Crash

A Tampa man found out his sentence today for a fatal accident in 2008. The DUI penalties Justin Jones faces were determined in a plea agreement.
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