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This site describes the standard structure of the Council Paper plus some guidelines whenever composing it.

This site describes the standard structure of the Council Paper plus some guidelines whenever composing it.

You will find away more info about Council, it is role and just how conferences operate on the Union Training Hub.

What exactly is a Council Paper/ Motion?

A movement is really a document that proposes modification towards the Union’s Policies. This is often modifications to a present policy or an entire policy that is new. Any pupil at Imperial is able submit a motion to Council in the shape of a paper. The writer of the paper is often the proposer and a supporter associated with paper is recognized as a seconder. All documents need a proposer as well as minimum seconder. A seconder should also be considered a full person in the Union. A product for conversation without any choices, doesn’t have a seconder.

What subjects could be submitted?

Documents may be submitted on a variety of subjects through the choices for the university and Union to worldwide issues. If you’re passionate about this, and think other students are way too then start thinking about publishing a paper.

Past subjects the have already been talked about Green Roof, Fossil Fuels, Counter Terrorism, Islamophobia and Tuition charges.

Whom can I talk about the movement with?

It is possible to ask from the Council seat, Democracy Coordinator or Officer Trustees to assist you, by giving any one of those a contact.

Whenever writing, here are two things to think about

  • Have we consulted with individuals which can be affected or will likely to be relying on this paper? These teams has priceless insights into the subject of the paper and may even have very different viewpoint.
  • Could be the problem highly relevant to students?
    • The Union has arrived to express pupils and so the issue should really be highly relevant to them!
  • Has this issue(s) been already addressed at Union Council?
    • If that’s the case, think about speaking with the writer of every papers that are previous or even the Officer Trustees concerning this problem
  • Does the paper have clear objective and message?
    • People of Union Council may well not understand much in regards to the topic you’re writing about. It’s a good clear idea to|idea that is good maintain your paper simple and website link them to virtually any web sites or documents you employ
  • Have we researched the certain area completely?
    • Glance at comparable promotions at other universities
  • Have I approached people or teams who may be desire for assisting?
    • Union Council has subcommittees who are able to help contour the paper it to Council before you submit

Have we consulted with individuals which are affected or is supposed to be relying on this paper?

These teams need priceless insights to the subject of one’s paper that can have different perspective.

How exactly to Compose a Council Paper

The paper ought to be organized the following:

Title – Should be succinct and comprehensible

Proposed by – (member of Union proposing the paper) Seconded by – (member of Union meant for the paper that is proposed

Union Notes (Facts) – developing factual information about this issue. If making use of statistics, make certain a reference is provided by you so individuals is able to see where these arrived from.

Union Believes (Opinion) – everything you believe consider to be real. That’s where debate shall are offered in. That which you think might not be how many other Council people think- be ready to summarise your view and consider what concerns individuals might ask you.

Union Resolves (Actions) – just just exactly What do you wish to take place. Inform the Union exactly just exactly what actions you desire to be studied by the organization, such as for example

  • Mandate Officers to talk with university or outside systems
  • Outline what resources (time or physical) the Union allocates
  • Publish a weblog or letter that is public the Union’s stance

Types of past papers can be located right here .

As soon as documents have now been written please deliver them to deliver into the Council seat:

The proposer regarding the paper is anticipated to provide their paper at Council, where it shall be discussed. You’ll find Council times here. Documents should be submitted at the very least five times prior to every meeting.


An amendment occurs when you desire to make modification to a paper. A paper may be amended in also the Council meeting. The proposer may or may well not accept the amendment that is suggested. In the event that proposer rejects the amendment, Council will vote about it.


What are the results next?

Documents may be taken fully to council to be discussed and voted on. Documents are passed away by way of a easy bulk (ie 50+% of voting user). The bye-Laws of the Union, it requires a two-thirds majority if the paper changes. It the paper is prosperous it’s going to then be element of Union Policy, provided that it abides by Charity Law as well as other appropriate responsibilities. The Officer Trustees and proposer will be the accountable for those things become completed.

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