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Life After A Tampa DUI

As many of you may already know, a Tampa driving under the influence conviction does not end when all the fines are paid and penalties are satisfied. Unfortunately, this is the type of conviction that you will be asked about in other aspects of your life. Here’s a look at the three most common areas that individuals with a DUI conviction have to continue dealing with:

  1. Insurance—Insurance companies reward drivers for good behavior with reduced rates. Conversely, they punish drivers for what they consider bad behavior with increased rates. Things like car accidents that were deemed your fault and DUI convictions are the two main things that will serve to make your insurance premiums significantly increase for years. The concern on their part is that you will potentially make the same bad decision again and that covering you is much riskier than covering someone who does not have the same record. Whether or not that general logic applies to every person that gets a DUI is irrelevant but you should work to keep your driving record as clean as possibly to slowly bring the rates down.
  2. Employment—Have you ever been convicted of a DUI? That blunt question, which may or may not have anything to do with your ability to get a job done (and it rarely does) is one that many individuals encounter. If you have, then you have a legal obligation to check the yes box and this can change how an employer looks at you as a potential employee. Knowing this possibility, you may want to find a way to articulate the situation and assuage any concerns they may have surrounding the conviction.
  3. Housing—Similar to employment, landlords can ask potential tenants about their criminal past and whether he or she has ever received a DUI. When that answer is yes, many individuals have found that they did not get the house or apartment they applied for. And again, you are under a legal obligation to answer this question truthfully.

As you can see, life after a Tampa DUI can be even more of a headache than when you were dealing with resolving the DUI! It is a shame that for many Tampa residents, his or her DUI was a one time mistake and they have learned from their crime and punishment. The reaching effect it can have on one’s life for years to come is one of the reasons Florida is considered one of the strictest state in the nation when it comes to DUI punishment!

Because of the reaching and lasting effect a Tampa DUI conviction can have on your life, it is important to work with a DUI attorney that will fight to get you the best results possible in your case. If you have recently been charged with a DUI, give the law firm of Finebloom & Haenel P.A. a call today to discuss your case. We will review the facts of your case and explain your options in plain English. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Special thanks to Colleen Kirby.

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