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Three Ways to Avoid A New Years DUI in Tampa

Tampa is a great city to go out in. Fabulous food, lively bars and endless drink options…especially on New Year’s Eve. That being said, the Tampa police are on a heightened lookout for holiday DUI’s and with New Year’s right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on how to enjoy ringing in 2013 without the annoyance of a DUI.

  1. Designated Driver: You see this mentioned in commercials all the time but it really does work—choose a designated driver to take you in between parties for the evening. One piece of advice: choose the driver ahead of time. If you go out with the same group of friends all the time, then you can switch off holidays. If your designated driver chooses to drink later in the evening (which happens), then take a look at tips two and three.
  2. Car Service: Knowing that you are going out with the same group of people all night, hiring a car service to take you between parties will save you the potential for a DUI and serve as a fun alternative to taxis. Everyone can chip in for the evening and you will have a car at your fingertips all night long. If you are just going between a couple locations (i.e. a party and home) then make sure to put the number for a few taxis in your phone before you go out so that you have them handy when you need them. You can even schedule your taxi ahead of time!
  3. Hotel: Tampa has a ton of great hotels and NYE is a great reason for a staycation! Check your favorite travel sites for deals and book a hotel within walking distance of the party for the night. This may seem like a costly option but we promise the cost of a hotel will pale in comparison to the cost of a Tampa DUI.

The best way to avoid a New Year’s DUI in Tampa is to plan ahead. Simple as that. Whether you go with option 1, 2 or 3 you can see that choosing your driver or car service or hotel should be done well before you set out for the night. Florida is one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to patrolling and prosecuting DUI’s. On December 31st, you will notice an increase in patrol cars in popular areas as well as random stops. Save yourself a legal hangover come the 1st and celebrates without having to worry about a DUI charge.

We wish you all a very happy, healthy and DUI-free New Year celebration. As always, our firm is available at all hours every day if you have a Tampa driving under the influence charge. We know how intimidating the DUI process can seem and will always explain your legal options to you in plain English. Give us a call today for an obligation-free consultation.

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