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A Look At Alternatives To Jail In Tampa: House Arrest

Sure the fines associated with a DUI are a gigantic financial inconvenience. Perhaps to some people much more than that. But the one thing that so many people worry about during their DUI trial has to do with the potential 

for jail time. Not only is jail an unsavory place but mandatory jail time means that you cannot work and miss out on important pay days to make back the money you spent on the fines. When it comes to driving under the

influence in Tampa, police and prosecutors often try to inflict the harshest punishment possible, which of course includes jail time.

House arrest is one of the many types of alternative sentencing that may be available in a Tampa DUI case. This is a particularly viable option for those first-time DUI offenders. So what is house arrest? House arrest in Tampa
is essentially a court-supervised arrangement in which you are “doing the time” without actually being in jail.

Here are some benefits of house arrest over incarceration:

  1. You do not have to be in jail: really this one needs no explanation.
  2. You can continue to work: A huge advantage for anyone is the opportunity to work and make money during this difficult time. In a typical house arrest scenario, the individual is allowed to leave the house only to work. An individual on house arrest is required to remain in their home during non-work hours and wear an electronic ankle monitor to track their location at all times.
  3. A much more comfortable punishment for many: Choosing between the comforts of your home (literally) or the confines of the local prison seems like a no-brainer.

Typically, following the resolution of a case in Tampa, the judge will give the individual offender several days to apply for house arrest in lieu of jail time. In addition to an electronic ankle monitor, one of the defining features of a house arrest arrangement is the presence of a land line at the individual’s home. This gives the House Arrest Deputy in the case a chance to call the defendant at their home to ensure that he or she is not violating the terms of their house arrest arrangement. That being said, if an individual breaks the terms of their home confinement, the judge in the case will be happy to move the confinement from the house back to jail or extend the length of the house arrest.

The attorneys at Finebloom and Haenel P.A. know how difficult not being able to work can be following a Tampa DUI. We have seen many cases in which house arrest is an option and work hard for our clients to get them the best possible arrangement. House arrest is always an option we consider when arguing a Tampa DUI case. If you have recently been arrested for a DUI in Tampa or Hillsborough County, give us a call for a free consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you

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