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Does a DUI affect getting a job?

Yes, a DUI can affect your getting a job. Here’s how:

Background Checks: A DUI is a criminal charge that will show up on a background check. If your job performs random background checks, it is possible the arrest will show up and you could be fired. If you have to pass a pre-employment screening, the DUI arrest could keep you from getting hired in the first place.

Professional Licensing: If your job requires a professional license, such as nursing, contracting, security and other regulated professions, a DUI arrest can delay your license. In some cases a conviction can result in your license being denied.

Suspension of Driver’s License: DUI arrests and convictions can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. If you can’t drive to work and you have no other means to get there you can be fired. If you drive a company vehicle for a living, and you can no longer drive due to a license suspension, you will probably be fired. If you are a commercial driver you will lose your CDL. No CDL means that you can no longer drive Class A or Class B vehicles. This may mean that you lose your job.

Ignition Interlocks: If the court orders an ignition interlock device it must be installed in any and all vehicles you drive. This includes vehicles used for employment. If your employer will not install this device on a company vehicle, you can’t drive it. Which means you may lose your job.

Insurance Requirements: DUI convictions require you to carry specialized insurance. If your employer is not willing to pay extra for this insurance then you will not be able to drive a company vehicle. If you can’t drive your work vehicle, then it’s possible your employer will fire you.

So, yes, there are many ways that a DUI can affect your getting a job. That is why it is so important to have a good defense attorney fighting for you.

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