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Tampa DUI News – Woman Charged With Second DUI Goes Back To Jail For DUI Probation Violation

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Tiffany Marie Graham violated her DUI Probation on a Florida DUI manslaughter conviction and now she is headed back to jail. Graham was involved in a 2004 drunk driving crash that took the life of her teenage passenger. She has since been arrested again on another DUI charge to which she has pled not guilty.

Graham is back in jail for leaving Hillsborough County without permission the day she was arrested for a Pinellas County DUI. She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and DUI for an incident that took place in the parking lot of a beach restaurant and bar. She is claiming her innocence from her second DUI charge.

Graham’s DUI sentence and ensuing trouble has been a point of contention with the family who lost their daughter and with Graham’s family as well. Karen Cain, the mother of the teenager who died in the crash, says there have been few words between Graham and the family, with whom she used to be friends. Making matters worse is the fact that Graham’s father has blamed the Cain family for contributing to their daughter’s death by doing shots with Graham before she left their house to head to a bowling alley with their teenage daughter in the car. The Cain’s deny the allegation and especially the accusation that they were allowing their 15-yer-old to do shots as well. They say that the toxicology report on their daughter supports that claim.

Graham admitted to the judge during her violation of probation that she was drinking liquor the day of her second DUI arrest. Her attorney claims she did go to Pinellas County without permission but she did not drive that day or move the car in the parking lot of Caddy’s which resulted in her DUI charge and leaving the scene of an accident charge.

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