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Tampa DUI Arrest – Actor From HBO Series The Sopranos Arrested For DUI In Tampa

Tampa DUI

An actor who appeared in 41 episodes of HBO’s TV series The Soprano’s was arrested for DUI in Tampa Thursday evening with reported blood-alcohol levels of .111. Joseph Gannascoli played a mobster named Vito Spatafore who was killed during the TV series after nearly 50 appearances on the show.

Gannascoli was arrested in Hyde Park where he was pulled over at 2:42 a.m. According to the arresting officer the New York resident made a wide turn onto Kennedy Blvd. from Howard Avenue. He then reportedly saw the actor drift in his lane and drive on the lane marker. He was pulled over at that point.

On initial contact with the police, the officer reported smelling alcohol on Gannascoli’s breath. The Tampa Police Officer also said the 51-year-old had bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. He participated in a field sobriety test and also took a breath test at the county jail. Police called him cooperative during the arrest process.

According to, Gannascoli was in Tampa to promote his new cigar at SoHo Cigar located in Hyde Park. The actor was scheduled to be in the high end cigar shop Thursday evening to meet fans, sign autographs and promote his new product. The cigar he is promoting is called the Cugine and he was scheduled to be in Key West today for a similar promotion. He has spent most of the year promoting his cigar across the country on top of his book “A Meal to Die For: ACulinary Novel of Crime.”

At last report, Gannascoli was still in jail at 8:30 a.m. this morning following his south Tampa DUI arrest. There were no other reports concerning the arrest but according to 10 Connects the officer who made the arrest was patrolling the bars in Hyde Park looking for possible drunk drivers .

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