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Tampa DUI Lawyers – How To Find Lawyers After A Tampa DUI

Tampa DUI Lawyers

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Tampa the first step you must take is to find lawyers who are experienced at handling drunk driving cases in Hillsborough County. The reason that you need to have an experienced DUI lawyer is due to the fact that DUI cases are very complex. Did you know that once you are arrested for drunk driving in Tampa that there are two types of charges pending against you? There is a criminal case but there is also an administrative suspension of your driver’s license.

Following your DUI arrest, you are responsible for making a court date. You have 10 days to take care of that with the Hillsborough County Clerk. Before those 10 days go by, you need to find lawyers in Tampa that deal with DUI cases on a daily basis. Once you have hired an experienced criminal defense attorney, that lawyer will notify the clerk that they are representing you on the DUI charge.

That is not the only thing your attorney will do for you immediately following your arrest. After your arrest, your driver license was most likely taken from you. You have just 10 days to challenge that driver’s license suspension. It is imperative you get the proper paperwork filed with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within that 10-day period. If you have hired an attorney and that lawyer is experienced at defending DUI cases, he or she will get that paperwork filed for you. Filing that paperwork allows you to challenge your license suspension but more importantly it is what will allow you to acquire a temporary driving permit. If you fail to take this step, you could lose your driver’s license for upwards of 18 months.

These are just a few of the things that happen immediately after your DUI arrest. There are many more factors that will come into play as the process continues but as you can see, the key is to find lawyers who are ready to step in right away and act on your behalf before these two critical deadlines pass.

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