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Drunk Driving Fatalities Down By Two-Thirds In The Past 25 Years According To USA Today

According to a story in USA Today based on statistics from federal officials, drunk driving fatalities dropped by 7% from 2007 to 2008 and drunken-driving deaths are down 66% since 1982. While the news is good, the article goes on to report 12,000 people died in 2008 due to drunk driving. In the editorial, USA Today’s editorial board makes a strong push for more interlock ignition devices.

The USA Today story uses New Mexico as an example of how ignition interlocks can help save lives. Since 2002, deaths attributed to DUI have dropped 33%. Almost all categories of drunken driving crimes have dropped as well. Three states in the country do not have any interlock ignition laws on the books and some only require the breath test devices if drivers convicted of DUI had a blood alcohol limit above a certain threshold. In Florida interlock ignition devices usually follow a second DUI conviction.

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