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Hillsborough County Sheriffs Give East Tampa Students Get An Up-Close Look At DUI Crash

About 1,900 students at East Tampa’s King High School got an up-close and personal look at the real life dangers of drinking and driving. Luckily it was only a drill. According to, the Hillsborough County sheriffs, with the help of some student thespians, put on a show for the high school students hoping to scare them enough to avoid drunken driving fatalities.

Student’s witnessed a staged car accident with the Jaws of Life and field sobriety tests included. There were donated damaged vehicles and a death scene as well. To cap it all off a Tampa General Hospital Aeromed helicopter arrived on the scene as well. The school’s principal was quoted as saying if just one life was saved by the elaborate demonstration, it will have been well worth the time and effort.

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